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Wendy’s updates gluten-free menu

Wendy’s has always been good about listing a list of their products on their website that are gluten-free. This list has just been updated as of February 2010. Please pay special attention as it appears that some of the salads have been removed from the list.

Items that are no longer on the gluten-free list (it is not clear whether these items are no longer offered or if they have changed gluten-free status due to suppliers or recipe changes.)


    Chicken BLT Salad


    Mandarin Chicken Salad


    Chicken Caesar Salad


    Roasted Almonds


    Genoa Salami


    Low-fat Strawbery Flavored Yogurt


    Baked Lays (most likely not being carried anymore – they are still GF)


    Roasted Red Peppers


    Basil Pesto Sauce


A side Caesar Salad and Grilled Chicken Breast could be ordered to replace the Chicken Caesar Salad. Some of the gluten-free options at Wendy’s are still the Baked Potatoes, Chili and side salad.

Please click here to find a Wendy’s close to you.

For more info: Please visit Gluten-free is Life or Wendy’s.


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  • FibroHubby says:

    My wife just started a gluten-free diet to help with symptoms of fibromyalgia and she was afraid she could never eat fast food again

  • Jo Cermely says:

    I was very disappointed last week when I went to a Wendy’s in Wooster and was told they had never heard of Celiac or Gluten Free food. I tried to explain to the manager that I had been in there several times and was served for gluten sensitivity. He positively said noone knew anything about this. I was so disappointed and was nearly in tears.

    Naturally I just walked out. Jo

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