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5 easy kitchen tips for gluten-free living


Is your kitchen a gathering place?

glutenfreeThe kitchen is a natural place for people of all ages and backgrounds to share stories and flavors. When transitioning to eating gluten-free, cooking and meeting in the kitchen will probably change. It means double checking each addition to a dish or scrambling to make sure there is no cross-contamination.

It’s different, but with patience and supportive kitchen buddies, you’ll be congregating in the kitchen again in no time.

Sharing a kitchen with those who eat gluten can be challenging, so the best option is to make your kitchen completely gluten-free. If this isn’t feasible, there are some basic practices that will make the transition easier.

5 ways to make your kitchen gluten-free friendly:

Designate your own gluten-free section- keep wheat and other gluten-containing items away from gluten-free ones.

Wash shared dishes and utensils thoroughly- dishwashers are the safest way to go.

Do not use wooden spoons or cutting boards unless they are new and designated as gluten-free- gluten gets trapped in wood so even if you wash it, gluten may be trapped in the wood.

Make sure condiments are labeled gluten-free to avoid cross-contamination- crumbs in your mayonnaise or peanut butter can cause an accidental ingestion of gluten.

Get your own toaster- the crumbs in the regular one can be a source of accidental contamination.

In many homes, the kitchen is a place to share tastes, smells, sounds, and textures. Often, we are drawn together, sharing life’s moments and lessons in the kitchen. From the sound of chopping veggies, to the smell of sizzling onions, all senses are indulged. This doesn’t have to change as you become gluten-free. Your kitchen is so much more than just a room. Use these tips and you are well on your way to a safe and welcoming place for testing out those gluten-free recipes.

“Author Information: Aura Lee Honkanen, Seattle
Aura Lee Honkanen, Seattle Gluten-Free Examiner

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Since her celiac disease diagnosis in 2007, Aura has embraced the gluten-free life and never looked back. She is passionate about sharing her experiences, resources, and recipes. Email: and Blog:

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