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Review of Udi’s Gluten-free Sandwich Bread


I kept hearing numerous accolades about Udi’s Bakery in Denver, CO and their gluten-free foods. I would hear of people placing large orders with them and claiming their bread was the best of the gluten-free breads. So, I had to try this myself to see if the bread lived up to the hype.

UdiThankfully, I recently discovered they carry Udi’s at Woodman’s, who have an extremely large gluten-free section, and decided to try a loaf. Udi’s bread is handcrafted in their dedicated gluten-free facility in Denver, CO, their gluten-free foods are also dairy-, soy-, and nut-free.

When I arrived home, I could barely wait to unload groceries and try a slice. It was almost total disbelief when I took a slice from the defrosted loaf and took a bite…I didn’t even need to heat it up, it was instantly delicious! I have not had a piece of ready-to-eat bread, from the grocery store since before going gluten-free. My daughter, who is a gluten-eater and not that crazy about eating, in general, ate two slices instantly.

The texture, even straight out of the package, is light and airy, it was perfect! There is no chewiness in this bread that some of gluten-free breads have. The crust actually made me want to eat the crust, of which I have never really been a fan. The crust tastes more like the crust of French bread. Overall, it was a delicious flavor.

I used the white sandwich bread to make tuna melts and it really enhanced the sandwich and the whole experience. Next, I made baked grilled cheese sandwiches using Udi’s whole grain bread with cheddar and tomato. My husband, also a gluten-eater, couldn’t get enough. Again, my daughter, who is a very small eater, ate 2 entire grilled cheese sandwiches on her own, I was completely speechless.

Previously, I was never a big fan of sandwich bread, because I always felt it was like tasteless styrofoam, but after having¬†Udi’s bread I have been converted. I realize that I just wasn’t eating the right bread. It is hard to imagine something without so many things found in typical bread can be so delicious, but I kid you not, it is.

Udi’s bakes sandwich breads, pizza crust, lemon streusel, blueberry muffins, granola and more. Udi’s is available in selected stores nationally, including Whole Foods, and also available to order online. Products are shipped Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays and ship overnight or 2nd-day air.

“Author Information: Anne Steib, Chicago, IL
Anne Steib”

About Anne Steib

Anne Steib loves all things food, from cooking and eating to discovering hidden culinary goodies throughout Chicago. After being diagnosed with Celiac disease, and embracing gluten-free life, she is enjoying food now more than ever! Byline: Anne Steib,, href="url">
  • Kathryn says:

    Completely agree! Now two years gluten free and craving gluten constantly this bread gets me through the day. Toast, sandwiches and something to soak up my marinara sauce at dinner! Love love love Udis!

  • Tom says:

    Totally agree. Udi’s is my new hero. The bread is great. The bagels are out of this world awesome. And our Publix grocery store across the street stocks both! It’s the only gluten free line of bread products I’ve found that has decent texture and is not crumbly. Love it!

  • Michele says:

    I couldn’t disagree more! I had heard great things about Udi’s bread and decided to try the rather expensive white bread while vacationing in Florida as Public sells it. I tried to like it, I really tried! But the dry crumbling texture of the tasteless bread simply ruined my sandwich experience both times I times I used it for a sandwich. Perhaps better as toast? Nope. Best part about that was the melted butter. I ended up throwing out the rest of the loaf. Bread has not been as difficult for meto give up on a gluten free diet as I had thought. In fact, I really don’t miss it at all. In giving it up, I have been forced to find other alternatives to bread, buns, rolls, etc.. This has actually resulted in me eating healthier foods like lettuce wraps, salads, corn tortillas, etc. rather than gluten free bread. To me, Udi’s is an unacceptable replacement and my palate and body are better off with something else.

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