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Bard’s Beer Tastes Great and is Gluten Free


Many people think of food when they think of a gluten free (gf) diet. No regular bagels, pizza or pasta. Many may not realize that when on a gluten free diet, you can’t have anything with wheat, barley, rye or oats (unless the oats are gf). Unfortunately, most beer is made with barley which means it’s on the list of things you can’t have.

bards_gfbeerIf you’ve missed the flavor of beer, you can now try Bard’s Beer, described as a craft beer, which is made from sorghum. According to the website, “sorghum is a genus of numerous species of grasses, some of which are raised for grain that can be used in the production of beer. Sorghum has been used in making beer for centuries in other parts of the world and is naturally gluten-free.” Sorghum can be made into flour which produces an excellent gf bread.

Bard’s Beer has been getting more attention lately. Attendees of the NFCA’s Gluten Free Cooking Spree in San Francisco were delighted to be served a delicious gluten free beer. It’s especially good served very cold (with some gluten free crackers of course, or maybe corn tortilla chips).

You can check their website to learn where it’s sold near you. If you can’t eat gluten and want a good beer, give it a try. Be careful though; you may want it all to yourself!

Brian Kovalchuk, CEO Bard’s Beer, holding a Bards Tale beer.

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  • Matthew Cail says:

    Update into ny 5th year of celiac took me a year and many bad GF beers to find Bards . Friends who are not celiac’s and drink regular beer enjoying it just as much

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