Celiac Sprue Association – Colorado, Denver Chapter #17


Gina Meagher Golden CO USA 0 303 279 9382 gmeagher@mines.edu www.geocities.comcsadenver

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  1. Good morning,

    My name is Donna Heim, I am site coordinator for a 9Health Family Fair to be held at Joy Lutheran Church in Parker, CO on Sept 27.
    I am currently scheduling the Interactive Educational Centers for our fair, and am hopeful that your association could join us.
    So many in Colorado are struggling with this issue, and particularly since this is a Family Fair, I hope that perhaps we could
    reach some of the younger generation as well as the adults.

    Please let me know if you can be with us, either by phone or e mail,
    Thanks, and have a great day,
    Donna Heim
    Site Coordinator
    9Health Family Fair
    Joy Lutheran Church
    Parker CO

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