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  1. I have twins that are about to turn one. I think the little one has a gluten intolerance. Can you give me any help/tips/suggestions for foods in Flagstaff ? Thanks.

  2. New Frontier’s in Flagstaff has gluten free foods as does Safeway

  3. Since your children are so young, I suggest talking with their pediatrician.
    I went to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale and got an appt with the Dietitian, even though I live in San Diego, CA. She had lots of food idea’s for me. We have a teaching hospital here in San Diego, that I wasn’t aware of, but they have support groups and info on local Celiac organizations for me to get involved with.
    I order my bread and some other baked goods from a bakery in Phoenix and have it shipped to me. When I am in Phoenix, I stop by and pick up something. They have a store in Scottsdale, too.
    I’m sorry, I don’t see a Whole Foods, Sprouts, or Henry’s Marketplace in Flagstaff. Those stores have a large selection of gluten free foods.
    Hope this helps somewhat. Good luck

  4. New Frontiers is an amazing resource for gluten free groceries in flagstaff. They also host occasional gluten free community lectures. There is a local baker in Flag that sells its goods at New Frontiers and other places: There are several restaurants that have many gluten-free options: Picazzo’s pizza (awesome tasting gluten-free pizza!), Diablo burger (you can get gluten-free buns for any of their burgers!), Macy’s cafe (often have gluten-free & vegan options), New Frontier’s (has an amazing deli section & fresh baked items that are gluten-free). Carol Fenster, PhD has been a god send of information & recipes in dealing with my multiple food allergies ( Her recipes are tasty. I have found also that Bob’s Redmill has great tasting gluten-free mixes-pancakes, cookies, bread pizza dough, pie crusts etc. (

    There are several Naturopath’s in Flagstaff that can help with proper diagnosis, dietary & supplement recommendations & healing of the gut from the chronic inflammation in the GI tract. The thing I would highly suggest is while your baby is eating a gluten diet & before switching to gluten-free is to get a blood test for celiac & non-celiac gluten intolerance. The tests are not cheap but the piece of mind is priceless to understand what you are dealing with and how severe it may or may not be. Then also testing for any of the other common food allergies & nutritional deficiencies would be beneficial as well. The road to wellness may be daunting and expensive but catching it early on in your babies life could mean the difference between a healthy child vs. one with many problems down the road. Good luck and hang in there.

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