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The Gluten Free Gazette is your FREE online celiac disease and gluten-free lifestyle magazine!  See our August 2013 Issue Here!

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  1. I would like it in a hard copy when it is available

  2. I tried to sign up for the link above doesn’t take me to a place to sign up so I guess this is where we sign up. Thanks

  3. Please can I have a copy? Ever since i read this blog I want to eat more healthily.

  4. would like to subscribe please.

  5. John Libonati

    Hi Diana,

    We do not have a hardcopy version of the Gazette. If we move that direction, we will contact you.


  6. I would like to subscribe to a hard copy version.

  7. My hope is that a gluten free diet will keep migraines away.. I am lactose intolerant so perhaps a wheat free diet may trigger my migraines.
    I am crossing my fingers and am new to this kind of diet. Not sure how to start.

  8. Can you get this in the postal mail? My disabled friend is not too great with the computer but is desperate for gluten free help!

    • John Libonati

      The Gazette is e-mail at this point. Good idea for the future though. If there is enough interest, we will publish a hardcopy version. What does everyong think about the idea? Leave a comment…

  9. I would like to subscribe, please

  10. I look forward to receiving the Gluten Free Gazette!

  11. I’d like to subscribe

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