McGnaw the Gluten-free Beaver on Colbert

My husband has been watching The Colbert Report ever since its inception. Stephen Colbert plays a ‘right-wing journalist’ with his own flair for reporting the weekly news. Imagine my surprise when The Colbert Report came up in a Google search because of a Thought for Food bit they did on Wheat Addiction.

Wheat is parodied as ‘a substance we are all addicted to’ based on a CBS news report where Dr. William Davis said bread is as addictive as crack. Dr. Davis goes on to talk about genetically modified gliadin that increases appetite.

Colbert is compelled to launch a program to educate children on the dangers of wheat and he introduces McGnaw the Gluten Free Beaver as the mascot. The mascot tells kids to ‘just say no to wheat’ and tells them to eat fruit, vegetables and wood (hahahaha).

The bit goes downhill from there, but I found it to be funny, so I wanted to share it with you. I don’t personally agree with the views expressed by Dr. William Davis, but I can appreciate the humor Stephen Colbert used to present the news.


Author Information: Jennifer D. Harris, Atlanta, GA
Jennifer D. Harris,
Gluten-Free Product Specialist, Return to Eden
Program Chair, Atlanta Metro CeliacsTwitter@jenniferGFinGA

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Jennifer Harris
Author Information: Jennifer D. Harris, Atlanta, GA Jennifer D. Harris, Atlanta Gluten-Free Examiner Program Chair, Atlanta Metro CeliacsTwitter@jenniferGFinGA

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