Gluten-Free Medifast Meal Discounts for February!


Gluten Free Works is delighted to offer you two new Meidfast meal discounts for the month of February! Check out the details about Medifast and choose the plan that works for you. Then, click the discount link at the bottom of the page and your discount will be applied to your Medifast order!

Medifast meals

Medifast meals

Created in 1980 by William Vitale, M.D., Medifast is a nutritional plan composed of nutrient dense meals that help you lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived. Since its creation, Medifast has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors, and used by over one million customers.

Fortified with 24 vitamins and minerals, Medifast meals combine low-fat protein, healthy fiber, and solid, clinically proven nutrition with a plan that works. It’s called the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan. On this plan, you eat five Medifast meals and one ‘lean & green’ meal, which you make yourself. Within just a few days, your body adjusts to the fat-burning state of eating six meals a day, and you can achieve your healthy goal weight quickly and comfortably. On the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan, you can lose two to five pounds per week!

Medifast has developed plans for vegetarians, diabetics, teens, seniors, nursing mothers, gout patients, and bariatric surgery patients. They have detailed plan information for Phentermine.

Medifast has also developed two gluten-free packages for people on the gluten-free diet who want to lose weight quickly and safely. The gluten-free packages have been certified gluten free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO), and come in a 4 week package and a 2 week package. The package details are as follows:

Four-Week Package Contents:

  • 42 Shakes (Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Banana Creme, Orange Creme)
  • 35 Soups (Cream of Tomato, Chicken & Wild Rice, Maryland Crab)
  • 14 Hot Drinks (Cappuccino, Chai Latte)
  • 7 Banana Puddings
  • 7 Brownies
  • 7 Original Pancakes
  • 7 Chocolate Mint Soft Serves
  • 7 Cranberry Mango Fruit Drinks
  • 7 Essential1: Antioxidants Dark Chocolate Shakes
  • 7 Original Style Eggs with egg whites

Depending upon availability, Medifast may substitute comparable products.

Two Week Package Contents:

  • 14 Shakes (Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla)
  • 21 Soups (Cream of Tomato, Chicken & Wild Rice, Maryland Crab)
  • 7 Vanilla Puddings
  • 7 Cappuccinos
  • 7 Original Pancakes
  • 7 Chocolate Mint Soft Serves
  • 7 Essential1: Antioxidants Dark Chocolate Shakes

Depending upon availability, Medifast may substitute comparable products.

Discount codes are only good until February 28, 2013!

Click here (free shipping link) for free shipping on your Medifast order

Click here (discount link) to save $66 on your Medifast order


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