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When I went gluten-free one of the many blessings in my change in diet was my openness to try new foods. Specifically, I was interested in trying other ethnic foods. As I was trying to get over my “food fear” I wanted to embrace and enjoy the flavors foods had to offer.

Saffron Road, is a company who makes all natural products which allows others to experience cuisine from around the world. Additionally they make 12 products that are certified gluten-free ranging from frozen foods to simmer sauces and crunchy chickpeas.

Saffron Road products are great because they not only allow you to experience a wide variety of flavors such as Tia Lemon Grass Basil and Moroccan Tagine, but their products allow you to have quick easy meals ready at the snaps of your fingers! Not only is this great for busy grad students, but these products are great on busy work nights.

Simply make sure you have the meat the recipe calls for (ranging from chicken, fish, beef or lamb), olive oil, your choice of simmer sauce, and veggies. Follow directions and before you know it you have a meal ready to enjoy.

Thank you, Saffron Road, for sending me samples of your products! To learn more about their gluten-free products, visit their website or find them on Facebook and Twitter!

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