What to Do When You’re First Diagnosed with Celiac Disease Video

In this video, Marie Fang shares 5 awesome tips for dealing with a recent diagnosis of Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance. From keeping it simple to expanding your gluten-free circle, Fang describes what worked best for her when she was first diagnosed.

Share this video with a friend who has recently been diagnosed, or use it yourself. Fang reminds us all that a gluten-free diagnosis is not a death sentence – it can be a new lease on life!

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  1. This video was not correct, processed goods is never ok. Pepper is still considered a seasoning. My son gets a headache with pepper my mom sneezes immediately. I get nausea and sweats. I am going to post some videos of my own. Please be aware… Gluten is on tape, glue, sharpies, stamps and envelopes. Ill will teach you everything!!!

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