Gluten-Free School Lunch Recipes and Tips

Here are a week’s worth of gluten-free school lunch recipes that add variety, kid-friendly flavors and nutrition to school lunchboxes. High protein sandwiches, pizza, warm comfort foods including convenient leftover entrees and veggie-rich soups and salads will keep even picky eaters and those with multiple food intolerances happy and healthy all through the school day.

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1. Sandwiches, Wraps and Pizza!

Gluten Free Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Recipe Image


Gluten-free sandwiches, wraps and pizza slices are easy to make and to pack in school lunchboxes and bags. Use your favorite gluten-free breads to make sandwiches with gluten-free deli meats, nut butters and delicious chicken and turkey salad sandwiches. It’s amazing just how many vegetables you can disguise in chicken salad spread!


Gluten-Free School Lunch Sandwich, Wrap and Pizza Recipes

2. Soups and Salads

Gluten-Free Potato Soup Recipe Image Teri Gruss

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Soups and salads add comforting homemade flavor and a nutritious boost to lunchbox fare.School Lunch Soup and Salad Recipes

Make school lunch soups and salads really special- send along homemade gluten-free croutons and gluten-free cheese crackers!

3. Warm Entrees (Leftovers!)

Dinner leftovers make terrific and convenient school lunch entrees. After dinner pack school lunch-sized servings in appropriate containers that will keep food at a safe temperature from the time your child leaves for school until they are ready to eat lunch.Gluten-free leftover recipes

4. Small Sweets

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It’s a good idea to pack “small” sweet treats in school lunchboxes. Away from the watchful eye of parents kids may be inclined to dig right into the cupcake first, leaving less room (and time) for nutritious foods. Think about purchasing a mini-cupcake pan for great-looking little cupcakes and muffins.Small School Lunch Treat Recipes

5. School Lunch Drink Recipes

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Water, of course is a very healthy and easy drink to pack in school lunch boxes and bags. But when you want to send a high protein drink or a refreshing fruit drink try these kid-favorite drinks- they are much healthier and a lot more economical than commercial juice boxes and soft drinks.

6. More Nutritious Gluten-Free School Lunch Ideas

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Need more ideas for nutritious gluten-free school lunchbox add-ins?


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