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Kroger’s List of Gluten Free Products 2011

by John Libonati on September 28th, 2011

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kroger gluten free listThis just in from the Eastern Tennessee Celiac Sprue Association Chapter #120...

"Kroger has given us a list of gluten free products they carry. Not all products are available in all stores. This list is from May 2011, so newer products may not be listed. Product formulas may change without notice so be sure to check packaging when you shop."

The complete list - 26 pages - is available in searchable or downloadable format: Kroger Gluten Free Product List


---------------------------------- Author Information: John Libonati, Philadelphia, PA Publisher, Editor & Publisher, Recognizing Celiac Disease. John can be reached by e-mail here.


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  1. JOhn Tice says:

    You can download the list directly from the Kroger website in PDF format. Why do you post it on Scribd such that it requires a premium membership to download?

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