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A Gluten Free Energy Bar Worth Trying

Kaitlin Fleming Gluten Free Works

Wild Alice Gluten Free BarsI was recently sent a sample of Wild Alice Bars, which are gluten free and vegan. I was sent the apricot cashew and cranberry walnut flavors, the latter being my favorite. 

I took the cranberry walnut bar with me while snowboarding in Tahoe last weekend and it was a lifesaver. The snow was perfect so I didn’t want to waste time going inside to eat and, with the cranberry walnut bar in my pocket, I didn’t need to. 

The only complaint I might say was they are a little dry but all the while, very tasty and satisfying.  I was pleased that most ingredients listed were organic and none were highly processed junk. 

After eating the bar whole I noticed on the back of the package there were some listed eating suggestions. One was to crumble the bar into yogurt. I was a little disappointed to have read this after eating it, I think it would be perfect over some gluten free yogurt. 

My boyfriend, who is not gluten free, devoured the apricot cashew bar the other day and was surprised how long it kept him full. These bars are made for those with food sensitivities and with only high-end quality ingredients. The bars are packed with nutrition and flavor. I would recommend these to any active person with or without dietary restrictions.

Wild Alice Bars hail from Portland, Oregon. You can place orders through their website and find out more information on Wild Alice bars and their creator. 

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Kaitlin is a free-lance writer and photographer who just moved to San Francisco. She's beginning a journey in discovering gluten free eating, shopping and cooking in a new fantastic city.

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