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Gluten-Free Kids Interview Profile: Cassie Age 16

by Marissa Carter on August 30th, 2010


Name: Cassie* Age: 16

Q: How long have you been gluten free?  A: Almost one year, and my stomach-aches are very rare now!

Q: Why are you on a gluten free diet?  A: I was diagnosed with celiac last October using the blood test - I didn't want the endoscopy!

Q: Do you feel strange when you are around people who are not gluten free?  Why or why not?  A: Sometimes it's frustrating because they don't have to worry about what they eat, whether it's been contaminated, etc. But then again, I'm sure that since I'm so aware, I end up eating a lot healthier than they do!   Q: How do you feel about being gluten free?  A: It can be annoying at time, especially if I just want to eat something quick - that's why I keep a lot of snack bars on hand and gluten-free chips (Cassava are my new favorite!). But I'm also very happy. I used to have no energy, stomach aches every single day. I would be in the nurse's office at school every day and I almost failed classes because I missed so many due to the intense pain and malaise I was feeling.

Q: Do you think it is hard to find good things to eat?  A: Not if you look and stay positive. Where I live, there's a mecca of health stores that have gluten-free foods and even the regular stores. Also, there's resources like the Gluten-Free Mall. My family is very  supportive and my brother is always cooking up some new gluten-free recipe. Gluten-free cannoli, yum! And you have to remember that a lot of great foods are already gluten-free, like fruits and vegetables,  which most people don't get enough of anyway.   Q: What is your favorite gluten free food?  A: My favorite product are Dr. Schar's pizza crusts, Cassava chips from Arico, and Glutino  peanutbutter chocolate bars. But nothing beats just a pint of fresh blueberries or raspberries, naturally gluten-free!   Q: If you could ask other gluten free kids a question, what would  it be?  A: I'd ask them how they explain being gluten-free when they're out at restaurants or at other people's houses, or how their families have been helpful or unhelpful.   Q: What advice could you offer to help other gluten free kids?   A: Stay positive, remember that you're actually being healthier than most people and you need to eat right to grow! There's so many GF foods available now!

 *The name in this Gluten Free Kids Interview Profile has been changed according to individual wishes.

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