Chronically-ill? Could Your Problem Be as Simple as Untreated Celiac Disease?

by Liz Schau on May 24th, 2010

 Identifying celiac disease may seem simple enough. After all, there are tests your doctor can perform to determine if your body is reacting to gluten, the grain protein that those with celiac disease cannot tolerate. However, it is becoming more and more accepted that celiac disease may not always present as classic gut symptoms. Instead, celiac disease can cause and contribute to other diseases, deficiencies, ailments, and conditions. Because of this, some people with celiac disease may be diagnosed with diseases that could have been prevented or can be eliminated by a simple gluten-free diet. In other words, celiac is often considered the "root cause" of other conditions, even though it is seldom tested for in chronically-ill people.

According to the book Recognizing Celiac Disease, by author Cleo J. Libonati, RN, BSN, there are over 300 signs and symptoms of untreated celiac (a staggering number). The book's website says, "Although gluten can directly affect and damage tissues, the answer lies in nutrition and the effect of nutrient deficiencies on the body. One or two nutrient deficiencies can cause a host of health problems that are seemingly unrelated. Correct the deficiencies and you correct the problem. Only Recognizing Celiac Disease presents the symptoms and the nutritional deficiencies that cause them. It tells you which nutrient deficiencies cause which symptoms. It explains how the tissues and organs are damaged. It connects the dots between seemingly unrelated symptoms and their causes so patients and health professionals can work together to identify the true sources of their health problems and correct them."

Some celiac indicators:

    Anemia low calcium obesity Anorexia nosebleeds Atherosclerosis abdominal pain candida infections various cancers Crohn's disease gastric ulcers oral lesions Irritable Bowel Syndrome autoimmune diseases thinning hair hives depression migraines mood swings cataracts bone fractures kidney stones infertility child growth and development problems

Recognizing Celiac Disease, with its extensive information and research for those who think they may have an allergy to gluten, or know someone who does, is available for only $19.95. The book is especially helpful for those patients who have been bounced from doctor to doctor, medication to medication, and cannot seem to get a diagnosis or an effective treatment.

Purchase online, via the Recognizing Celiac Disease website.

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