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Gluten-free Valentine’s chocolate cakes

No need to fuss this Valentine’s Day. There are many delicious gluten-free chocolate cake mixes available for you to create a Valentine’s masterpiece.

For a cute Valentine treat, make mini-heart shaped cakes. Serve them plain, dusted with powdered sugar or frosted. Chocolate always goes well with berries and a nice garnish of raspberries or strawberries would be beautiful with these mini cakes.

To purchase mini-heart shaped cake pans click here. Or visit your local baking store, craft store or stores such as Target or Walmart that carry holiday items.

Don’t know which gluten-free cake mix to buy? Try these terrific brands and many are appropriate for those with multiple foods allergies. As always, confirm that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Authentic Foods
Betty Crocker
Cause You’re Special
Cherrybrook Kitchens
Dietary Specials
Gluten Free Pantry
Miss Roben’s
Pamela’s Products
1-2-3 Glutenfree

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