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Treat your sweet tooth to some chocolate from Sweet Riot

by Allison Hecht on January 26th, 2010


With Valentine's Day just a few short weeks away, why not treat your loved one (or yourself for that matter) to some delicious chocolate from Sweet Riot?

sweet-riot-cocoa-nibsSweet Riot is not only tasty chocolate, it's chocolate with a purpose. All of their chocolate "peaces" are made from all-natural ingredients, and the company has a strong commitment to fair trade and ethical business practices. You can learn more about their mission statement here.

So what's in these delicious little nibs? Not only are they low in calories per serving, but they are made with gluten and dairy free natural cacao. Good for you and for a good cause? You can't go wrong with sweet riot.

Sweet Riot products can be found at various Whole Foods locations throughout LA, or they can be found the Sweets Truck, a mobile dessert truck making its way through various locations in LA daily.

Next time you have the urge for something sweet, pick up some cacao nibs from Sweet Riot and support a company with a great cause.

For more info: For Whole Foods locations visit Find out where the Sweets Truck is next by following them on twitter @sweetsfoodtruck.

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