Celiac Sprue Association – Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas Celiac-Sprue Group #73

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  1. I am looking for someone to help with what to eat for a grain sensitivity, candida (anti-fungal – no complex sugars), PH balancing, mucous free sinus diet. I cannot have legumes or “gluten free” grains, dairy (casein), coconut, and eggs or starchy vegetables and have to limit the nuts, fruit sugars, dried fruits and meats. Many who try the gluten free discover grain and dairy sensitivities. Any advice out there? I’ve put in many, many hours of research. I am compiling resources such as your Kroger’s shopping list for not only celiac sufferer’s but others who have special dietary needs. I am shopping for a more affordable source of organic produce as well. Might need to start our own warehouse and coop!!

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