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  1. Hi,

    In leaving the site I noticed the advertisment for quest bars. I sell all varieties of Quest bars in my store. Think Thin Products are also gluten free and we carry those as well.

    Thank you,

    Danny Grantham

  2. Hi, My name is Danny Grantham and I am the manager of Vitamin Warehouse, a health and sports nutrtion store located in Biloxi, MS. I sell a good selection of gluten free foods in my store. With this, I would like to find out if there is a gluten free organization on the MS Gulfcoast. I would like to make them aware of my store and the fact that I have many gluten free items and have the capability to increase my selection as deman rises.

    I can be reached at 228.388.1454, should anyone have any suggestions.

    Heatlhy regard,

    Danny Grantham,

    Vitamin Warehouse

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