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Red Mango: First Frozen Yogurt Retailer Certified Gluten-free


Yay for all those were too scared to try out one of those great new frozen yogurt places nearby. Now there is one that is guaranteed to be safe for the gluten-free eater.

Red Mango announced that the company’s frozen product has been certified as gluten-free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization (GFCO). Red Mango is the first frozen yogurt retailer in the U.S. that has been approved by the GFCO to use the GF Certification Mark, stating that its frozen yogurt has met strict gluten-free standards.red_mango

According to their press release, it is currently estimated that nearly one in every 133 Americans, or about 2.3 million people, cannot consume products with gluten. The Gluten Free Certification Organization provides an independent service to supervise gluten-free food production according to a consistent, defined, science-based standard that is confirmed by field inspections, in order to achieve heightened consumer confidence and safety.

“The number of gluten-free consumers is ever increasing, though eating gluten-free is not a choice by most who are on the diet, instead it is out of necessity,” said Channon Quinn, Director of Industry Programs for the Gluten Intolerance Group. “Because of this need, GFCO has taken very thorough measures to ensure all products that contain our logo are in fact below our strict threshold of 10ppm gluten. We are thrilled to add Red Mango’s frozen yogurt mix to our line of Gluten Free Certified products!”

Continue here to read the full press release. And if you’re ready to have at it at Red Mango, visit their site to check out flavors and locations.

Author Information: Monica Rozenfeld, NYC, NY

About Monica Rozenfeld

Monica Rozenfeld
Monica is a freelance writer maneuvering her way around New York City to find the best gluten-free eateries, recipes and stories the City has to offer. Feel free to contact her with ideas and/or questions to

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