Gluten free heaven in New York City: Friendly restaurants and bakeries


Rozenfeld_Monica_NYC.jpegAlthough gluten-free eating is not impossible to do in most any restaurant including (but much harder) in Italian settings, there are restaurants and bakeries appearing throughout the City which tailor specifically to the gluten-free crowd. Below is a listing of several of the most talked about places. If you have dined here, or planning to, we would love to hear your recommendations!risotteria

270 Bleeker Street, btwn 6th and 7th Ave.

Everything from pasta dishes, to paninis, to cookie dough All gluten-free.

75 Ninth Avenue, at Chelsea market

A great lunch place where all items on the menu (even sandwiches) can be served gluten-free.

Candle Café
1307 Third Avenue, btwn 74th and 75th

A café specializing in healthy eating, this place has a separate menu for the gluten-free diner.

248 Broome Street

The refined sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, kosher bakery. A gluten girls dream come true.

Author Information: Monica Rozenfeld, NYC, NY

About Monica Rozenfeld

Monica Rozenfeld
Monica is a freelance writer maneuvering her way around New York City to find the best gluten-free eateries, recipes and stories the City has to offer. Feel free to contact her with ideas and/or questions to


  1. Moon Rabbit Foods is in New York, see See “Shop Local” tab click on New York…Tops Markets, Uncle G and more….Certified Gluten-Free

  2. Must try Bice on E. 54th..and 7th. They make an excellent gluten free pasta!!

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