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Walmart Now Carrying Gluten Free Products!

by John Libonati on June 26th, 2009

walmart-logo It's true! Walmart is now carrying gluten free products in test stores with a roll out across the country to follow. Below is a letter from the woman who made it happen, Celiac Sprue Association chapter president and National Foundation for Celiac Awareness volunteer - Carolyn Lynch McKinley. She's a gluten free dynamo!

This morning my dream came true. I waited two years to the day and it happened. I walked into Walmart and it has been remodeled with new Gluten Free 12 foot aisle. For those of you near the Bentonville store you will find the items below in grocery aisle 9. Words can not express how excited I am to have a store in our community that can help customers save money so they can live better.

The following are currently on the shelf and it is still getting stocked. All of these listed below are quality gluten free food and you can save around $1.00 buying it at Walmart.

Erewhon crispy brown rice cereal Glutino - pretzels, crackers Envirokids and Natures Path cereal Ener g bread Schar buns and pasta Gluten free pantry muffin mix Pamela's mix and cookies Mi-Del cookies Enjoy life bars and cookies Lundberg chips Blue Diamond crackers Bakery on Main granola Mrs. Leepers dinner mixes Tinkyada pastas Bobs red mill Hodgson muffin mix Road's end organic I will keep you posted as more items are stocked!! And don't forget the Great Value Brand will label Gluten Free if it truly is.

Several stores around the country are getting the gf section. Right now I know one store in Springfield, MO and another is Vineland, NJ. If the store does not have a gf section, the gf food will slowly go throughout the aisles.

Thank you to everyone who provide support on this project. Your time was much appreciated.

Carolyn McKinley CSA Chapter 73 President, NW AR/SW MO and Volunteer, NFCA


3 Responses to “Walmart Now Carrying Gluten Free Products!”

  1. walter k wermuth says:

    so happy this is happening. I have to drive to 3 different stores to get my gluten free products if I want them all. I found schnooks has the most GF nearest me but hills and Mississippi river to be crossed, to Davenport, Iowa. I ride a recumbent trike to get my groceries at Wal-Mart in Moline, Il. as is only 1.25 miles from my house with no hills. preferred by me since I am 77 and not as strong as I use to be. I mentioned the river because I have to ride down river to another bridge to cross it.
    I sure hope the Moline, Il. Wal-Mart gets these products as have so few now. also wish they had more veggies in smaller packages for the single person as the present size spoils be fore can all be eaten by one person.

  2. stealmagnolia deals says:

    Don’t forget Crunchmaster Graham Crisps, Sea Salt (these two are also dairy free) and other flavor crackers. They are in the regular cracker section. I also found the Betty Crocker G.F. Brownie Mix, Cookie Mix and Cake Mix! I haven’t seen the other items you’ve mentioned. This is in Meridian, MS. I will be watching for them!

  3. Ariel says:

    The walmart in Camden, DE got their first shipment of GF food this past week!

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